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    Large wind power station

    Model: WD49(50)-750KW Stall Wind Turbine Generator System 750KW


    i. Wind Turbine 
    Produced by license from Germany Repower, the product past GL (Germany Lioyd) certification.
    The wind turbine is mature in technology and reliable in performance, with over 70% localization components and parts. The main components are sourced domestically to ensure easy maintenance and fast delivery.
    Cryogenic material and frozen-proof design are adopted suitable for low temperature area use ( extreme low operation temperature is -30oC).
    ii. Components 
    The tower is specially designed for shock-absorption and noise reduction.
    Optimized Blades with adjustable rotor heights and diameters are suitable for wind farms of various types.
    Mita control system is used for reliable performance and better anti-interference capability.
    Soft braking technology for braking system is used to reduce the impact loads of drive train to the utmost extents. The advanced and reliable power fail protection technology makes the wind turbine shutdown automatically and smoothly when accident occurs.
    Oil filled electrical motor and leak proof seal technology in neat-structured hydraulic system ensure high efficient and precise operation in environment from -40oC to +80oC


    Model: WD52-800KW Stall Wind Turbine Generator System 800KW

    WD52-800KW stall wind turbine adopts bamboo composite materials for blades. This remarkable innovation in blade materials and technologies is the first case for wind turbine in China to replace fiber reinforced plastics. Bamboo fiber, by special processing, has similar characteristics in every aspects such as tensile strength, compressive strength, modulus of elasticity and fatigue resistance to fiber reinforced plastics. But bamboo fiber is lighter in weight. Besides, bamboo is easier to get, easier to biodegrade and also easier to get rid of the environmental pollution from wasted and abandoned fiber reinforced plastics after blade service life. Wind energy is "Green Energy". Our wind turbine with bamboo composite material baldes is "Greener".

    Feature of WD52-800KW stall wind turbine generator system

    Stable Performance and High Reliability

    Light weight and new type composite material for baldes are designed by latest aerodynamics research results, which ensures larger sweeping area and lower cut-in wind speed and suitable for operation in low wind speed area.

    Flexible support structure of gear box and generator ensures smooth operation and low noise.

    Good damping makes yawing more stable.

    Reliable and precise cooling and lubrication devices ensure gear box and generator continuous operation on full load conditions.

    Reliable surface protection ensures wind turbine to operate on bad weather conditions.


    Model: WD70(77)-1500K Variable Pitch Wind Turbine Generator System 1500KW

    WD70(77)-1500KW variable pitch (pitch regulated) wind turbine generator system has three blade, windward and horizontal axis impeller, three stage gear box, double fed induction generator (DFIG) and alternative excitation converter. Power control is based on DFIG variable speed constant frequency technology and independent pitch system driven by servo motor. This kind of power control is the main trend of technology with high reliability and accepted and adopted worldwidely.

    Feature of WD70(77)-1500KW variable pitch wind turbine generator system

    We own full intellectual property rights.

    Impellers are designed by latest aerodynamics research results with optimized structure. The changeable height and diameter of impeller are suitable for using in various wind farms.

    Operations on all weather conditions are preconsidered in design.

    Flexible support structure is used in drive train to make load transmission more stable so as to reduce the noise in gear box and generator operation.

    Advanced pitch system makes maximum use of wind energy, efficiently reduces loads on blades, drive trains and structure components for longer service life.

    Low voltage ride through capability makes wind turbine to keep grid connection even in grid disturbance.

    Multiple protections from independent pitch system and mechanical brakes.

    Advanced control strategy for capturing maximum wind energy, optimizing load and enhancing system performance reliability.





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